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Nancy Tucker separation anxiety


Teach your dog to comfortably stay home alone. Easy step-by-step instruction for owners whose dog suffers from separation anxiety. 1-year access.

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Knock-Knock: From Chaos to Calm

Eligible for 15 training CEUs and 2 behaviour CEUs for CCPDT

Next session date TBA

For owners and trainers. Teach your dog how to greet visitors in your home with class and charm. This course focuses on your dog’s door-greeting behaviour inside your home.  Eliminate the chaotic scene when the doorbell rings!   (NOTE:  Not for dogs who display fear or aggression)

Greeting Skills: From Friendly Tornadoes to Warm Hellos

Eligible for 13.5 training CEUs and 1 behaviour CEU for CCPDT

Next session date April 1, 2022 Registration opens March 22nd

For owners and trainers. Teach your overly friendly dog how to say hello – or maintain a polite distance – with grace and finesse.  This course is for the dog who gravitates and pulls towards all dogs and people, or who greets others with the full weight of his body.   (NOTE:  Not for dogs who display fear or aggression)

Feelings Change: Desensitization and Counter-conditioning

Eligible for 21 CEUs for CCPDT

CPDT-KA will earn 21 CEUs / CPDT-KSA will earn 6 knowledge CEUs and 15 skills CEUs / CBCC-KA will earn 6 CEUs

Next session date TBA

For owners and trainers.  Understand the method and learn the techniques of desensitization and counter-conditioning to help dogs overcome fear.